Geometry Dash: The Series is a Series that premiered on Geometry Dash Toons when Geometry Dash XL was released. The former name was Lego Geometry Dash, but the creators of the series got a copyright strike from The Lego Company and they had to change the name.

Episodes Edit

Name Plot Image
The Hacker Cube joins Geometry Dash, but more powerful players jeer at him, so he decides to hack, which puts the world of Geometry Dash in jeopardy, and he and his new friends must save Geometry Dash.
The Updates A vortex steals Cube's Secret Coin, and he must travel back in time to take it back.
The Virus Ball finds a download link for Geometry Dash 2.1 (which is secretly a virus) and he clicks it. His computer acts weirdly, and his friends must find a way to delete the virus.
The Darkness Cube unleashes a terrible virus all over the Geometry Dash Universe, and all of his friends must destroy the darkness before it destroys Geometry Dash and possibly the real world itself.
The Swing Cube and friends meet a new friend, Swingcopter. He’s a pro gamer, but is he powerful enough to defeat The Hackers?

Characters Edit

Cube Edit

The main protagonist of the series. He is an Icon.

Zobros Edit

Cube's dad. He is the creator of the infamous level, "Nine Circles."

Ship Edit

A Ship that owns an electric guitar. His hobby is creating songs, specifically Dubstep.

Ball Edit

A Ball that is very funny. He also owns an iPhone 7. His hobby is making puns.

UFO Edit

A UFO that knows a lot about coding. He takes coding lessons at school.

Wave Edit

A Wave that is a master at sports.

Robot Edit

A Robot that recently escaped prison.

Spider Edit

A Spider that is a major scientist.

RobTop Edit

The creator and mayor of Geometry Dash.

Hackers Edit

The main antagonists of Lego Geometry Dash.