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This wiki is a giant collection of fan ideas and concepts for the game of Geometry Dash. Everything here is fanon content for the game. Check out other people’s ideas here, or add your own page!

What is Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is a music game created by Robert Topala, also known by the alias “RobTop”. Gameplay usually involves dashing through a level to the music playing, while avoiding deadly obstacles that will send you back the start in no time. Along the way, you‘ll find special portals that will mix up gameplay for a certain section, by changing gravity, your size, or even your form. There’s plenty of levels included in the game, but you’ll never get bored because the full version has online user-created levels! Between Map Packs, Gauntlets, and Featured levels, there’s always something new to find. Outside of levels, you’ll likely stumble across a secret or two, unlocking Vaults and getting sweet rewards for decoding their puzzles. You can also earn new icons to change your character, through achievements or by buying them with ingame currency in a Shop.

Geometry Dash is available on Steam, iOS, and Android.

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