The Hacker is the first episode of Lego Geometry Dash.

Plot Edit

Cube joins Geometry Dash. He looks around, in search for something interesting. Then, UFO calls him a noob. Cube asked UFO, "Excuse me?! What did you just call me?" Wave said that UFO called Cube a noob. Spider found out that "Cube" rhymes with "Noob". Then UFO and his friends laughed at him. Cube showed them how high he could jump by using the power of Gravity Portals. Just when Cube was about to turn his gravity back to normal, UFO used the power of coding to spawn a vertical platform and move it to block Cube from restoring his gravity, which sent him falling up into the sky. Cube pleaded to Zobros (His dad) for help. Zobros froze time to set the gravity restoration portal to Group 2, place a Move trigger, make it target Group 2, move the portal to Cube's location, and place a matress under where Cube will land, so he doesn't die of fall damage. Then, he unfroze time, and Cube was saved! Cube thanked Zobros for saving him, but UFO's friends still mocked him. They said he had to beat Back on Track to become a pro, because said level is impossible. (INSERTLENIFACEHERE) Cube sadly slid away. He thought, They believe only a hacker could beat Back on Track. WAIT!!! That's it! If I become a hacker and use hacks to beat Back on Track, they won't mock me! I've got a plan! At home, he told Zobros that he was going to download Geometry Dash Hack. His dad told him not to download it, because it will destroy the world. He tried and tried to keep Cube from downloading GDH, but eventually, Cube finally succeeded. Zobros told him that he just put the world in jeopardy. Cube disagreed with Zobros. Suddenly, a hacker broke out of the Download Geometry Dash Hack button. The hacker felt excited due to the fact that he has been released. The hacker shot a laser at Zobros, turning him into a hacker. Cube froze with fear, then immediately ran away. He ran to the place where the people who mocked him were - and they were still there! Ship asked Cube what was happening. Cube responded with, "I clicked the Download Geometry Dash Hack button, and a hacker jumped out of it. He then shot a laser at my dad, turning him into a hacker too!" UFO apologized to Cube for jeering at him. He then asked Cube if they wanted to team up to defeat the hackers. Cube said yes, and they all teamed up!

Ship said the team needed a hideout. Ball pulled out his phone and asked the phone, "Okay Geometry Dash Search Engine, where can we find a hideout?" GDSE said, "You can hide in the Vault, a place perfect for hiding from a hacker. This place is guarded by two Spikes. Once you reach the Vault Entrance, they will ask for 10 User Coins. Once" They went to TGDCLD (short for The Geometry Dash Custom Level Database) in search of 10 User Coins.

Cube said, "It's time to put Operation: Grab-Ten-User-Coins-From-Easy-Levels-So-We-Can-Unlock-The-Vault-And-Defeat-The-Hackers-And-Also-Think-Of-A-Shorter-Name-For-This-Operation, into action!" They all went to the following levels: Airwaves, Ocean of Dreams, Hill Climb Racing, and Determination.