Themes are a special mechanic in Geometry Dash, first introduced in Update 2.2. They can change the look of anything in the game, like the background, blocks, etc. By completing specific Achievements, more and more Themes can be available in The Shop.

List of Themes Edit

Name Requirement Achievement Name Mana Orb Cost
3D Theme Complete all Map Packs Traveler 9000
Black Theme Complete 25 Demons in Normal Mode Speed Demon 5000
White Theme Complete 50 Demons in Normal Mode Flash Demon 5000
Gray Theme Complete 75 Demons in Normal Mode 2Fast4Me 5000
Transparent Theme Complete Bloodbath in Normal mode Where are you? 7500
Silver Theme Collect 5 Demon coins Ooh, shiny! 25000
Gold Theme Collect 25 Demon coins This is shiny! 50000
Diamond Theme Collect 50 Demon coins 2Shiny4Me 100000
Project April Fools Type "hsaD yrtemoeG" into the Vault wut 1337
Project FFFUUUTTTUUURRREEE!!! Obtain a futuristic Icon/Ship/Ball/UFO/Wave/Robot/Spider/Drone/Drill The Future is NOW! 3001