Knock Knock, get the door, it's Geometry Dash 2.2! Date March 14th 2019

  • 4 new levels, Explorers, electrodynamix 2, chambers and endless
  • new demon level theory of everything 3
  • 4 new backgrounds
  • New "SwingCopter" mode!
  • You can buy a lot of new icons in Shops!
  • You can make icons in Icon Editor!
  • More Secret Chests!
  • New vault: Demonkeeper!
  • New "Challenge" mode!
  • More Icons, Ships, Balls, UFOs, Waves, Robots, Spiders!
  • More Functions in Level Editor!
  • Buy icons by codes in Demonkeeper's vault by diamonds!
  • Secrets...
  • New shards: Cloud & Space!
  • Want helpful advice? Send a question to RobTop!
  • Bug Fixes
  • Round Blocks!
  • S...S...eecret... themes!
  • Add a reset button
  • And Much more!
  • Remove the orb timing mechanic
  • More stuff in settings!
  • Raised the normal object count to 45000 objects and high to 85000 objects!
  • Any hackers now get banned forever! (Only if they try to break the game)
  • Expanded how to play by 3 pages!
  • Added a Tutorial!
  • Your custom levels appear as one of the default levels in the play button! Click the "Custom" button next to the "RobTop" button. you can even rate the difficulties and put them into your own map packs and gauntlets! (Later copies itself to My Geometry Dash)